Creating food resilient gardens in a time of climate change

Improving crop options for farmers in Enga and Simbu Provinces

yam melody for distribution for webThe New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade funded drought and climate change mitigation activity has had a focus on training and resourcing village farmers with improved planting material.
Kaukau (kumara/sweet potato) is a village staple for almost all highlanders but the recent drought made conditions very suitable for plague level problems with two or three species of introduced weevil. The weevil eats into the tubers and makes them toxic to man and pig alike.
So, providing new crop options has been one part of the strategy. Thousands of cuttings of cassava and hundreds of African yam mini sets have been distributed. Even though the African yam performs best in really warm conditions farmers have been excited to see good sized yams produced.
Most of the yams have been sourced by our Activity team from around a home base in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province.
buying yam for redistribution