Creating food resilient gardens in a time of climate change


Learning from the farmers

The Activity has run a total of thirteen main workshops in Enga and Simbu. Many more follow up workshops have been conducted and this has allowed farmers to share with other farmers and the project trainers – their experiences. These have been really valuable. We have benefited greatly from plant materials from NARI (sweet potato […]

Using Media in the Learning Process

USING MEDIA IN A LEARNING PROCESS FOR ELEMENTARY AND JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL IN LURANG, WETAR, SOUTH WEST MALUKU, PROVINCE OF MALUKU  The training of ‘media usage’ in teaching-learning process which is given by Education Specialist of Community Development for Kindergarten, Elementary and Junior High School teachers is aimed to motivate the teachers to use a […]

Wisudah ceremony in Lurang Kindergarten

Wisudah ceremony in the Lurang Kindergarten. A most significant change story May 12th, 2012 Ten second grade Kindergarten toddlers and two teachers are anxiously waiting for ‘their’ ceremony to start: the official recognition of a successful year in the Lurang “Tunas Farmer” kindergarten. For the first time in the Lurang history, ten toddlers will start […]