Creating food resilient gardens in a time of climate change

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New vegetable and green manure legume seeds from Taiwan – International Vegetable Research Centre

Excitement reigns. New seeds have just today arrived at NARI’s Momase Regional Centre. The seeds will be planted, grown and multiplied for distribution to our stakeholders. These are wonderful planting materials – once a village family have them, they have a sustainable new crop to enjoy – for food, for livestock feeding and sometimes helping […]

Rural Agricultural Extension Workers Training May 2019

A week long training workshop was held from 13 – 17 May at the Sir Alkan Tololo Research Centre, Bubia as part of a capacity building of partners of the EU supported drought resilience project that we are implementing. A total of 18 participants mostly rural extension workers from the Southern and the New Islands […]

Seeds and other plants making a difference in PNG

At a recent in-service training workshop for extension officers in PNG, seeds of two grain legumes (and many other crop types) were given to the departing participants. These two beans are Dolichos lablab and Lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus). They provide food for people and livestock as well as nitrogen rich green manure in short term […]

Soils matter

Following the successful workshop with Rural Development Officers from Government, church and other NGO’s in Lae in December 2018 we are pleased to hear back from officers involved. The training messages are being put into practice. One message related to soil loss. Top soil matters. It is precious. Once given away in heavy rain it […]

New ways with plant propagation – Dec 2018

NARI teams lead by Jeffrey Waki and Pascal Pandau are continuing great work with plant propagation. Traditional methods mean only a few plants are propagated from a parent. With limited material available of special lines – it is important to learn skills of mini-sett plant propagation. Here Pascal and a field worker are assessing growth […]

EU funded Climate Change Action – NARI planting material goes out to village based extension officers

A week long workshop was held at NARI’s Momase Research Centre at Bubia, 9 mile Lae in mid-December 2018. Many key NARI scientists contributed and Dave Askin from Kiwi land was there to add some experience. He had worked in both the 1997 and 2015/16 droughts. From his perspective water, fire (prevention/management), starch foods, insect […]

Preparing for RDO Workshop

The Rural Development Officers arrived from many parts of rural PNG. The locations were chosen as those who were severely hurt by the drought of 2015/16. Here’s a snapshot of where they came from. Ok, the map above is a mess. It is there to remind each of us how big the task is. In […]

Solar Power and RDO and stakeholder workshop in Lae, Dec 2018

The approximately 30 stakeholders from Rural Development Officers, DAL/DPI, church and NGO groups were keen to learn about varied agricultural topics – plant, livestock and soil – including food preservation and feed processing. Folk wanted to be able to read in the evenings. Some didn’t have any electric power. They knew of panels and batteries […]

Rhizobium, the forgotten key to legume productivity

Thanks to permission from the National Ag Quarantine service the Activity was able to bring Rhizobium to assist with both peanut and soybean nodulation. Rhizobium help legumes fix nitrogen – crucial to their ability to improve soil fertility and provide high protein seeds for human and animal use. Thanks also to Ben Heyward – here […]