Creating food resilient gardens in a time of climate change

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Fewer sprays new cultivars

NARI Tambul, in the highlands have done some great work on potato and late blight, the awful disease that has really cut into farmer profit (and health) as they’ve needed up to 14 sprays to get the crop through to harvest. Four new cultivars are available, that need just one insecticide and fungicide spray to […]

Coping with Frost?

Frost is awfully hard to cope with at high altitude. There are ways farmers can hold onto some of their important frost sensitive plants. Newspaper and better still cardboard acts as an insulator. It is more effective than dry grass mulch. However, putting the newspaper on, then adding dry grass on top will be helpful. […]

Wild Sunflower as Mulch

Wild sunflower may be useful as a way of reducing weevil attack. Mulch like this (below right in photos) used on top of the ground on a kaukau mound will reduce harmful effects of heavy rain – erosion may be reduced. Top soil is really valuable. reduce cracking of soil during hot sun. That means […]

Reducing kaukau weevil harm

The weevil species present in PNG are a real concern to almost all gardeners. Why? Because the weevils eat kaukau / kumara / sweet potato, destroying the tuber and delivering a taint that makes them inedible to even hungry pigs. These weevils are going to push people towards alternative crops – like yam, cassava, potato, […]